Where’s the Best Place to Play Blackjack in Atlantic City Casinos? – BestUSCasinos.org

Blackjack Hand With Atlantic City Background

Atlantic City is known for plenty of things, including the Boardwalk, Steel Pier, and its large casino resorts. One thing that this town doesn’t get a lot of attention for, though, is its blackjack scene.

Sure, Atlantic City is the one place where casinos can’t ban card counters. What if you’re not a card counter, though?

I’m going to discuss what, if any, AC casinos offer great blackjack games. But first, I’ll discuss what exactly makes for quality blackjack.

What Constitutes the Best Blackjack Games?

Gamblers typically determine the top blackjack games by their odds alone. As you’ll see below, though, this is just one important aspect in the matter.

Low House Edge

The blackjack house edge directly impacts your chances of winning. A lower house advantage boosts your odds of making money.

The typical Atlantic City blackjack table carries between a 1% and 2% house edge. Such games feature six or eight decks and only pay 6:5 on natural blackjacks.

The latter condition raises the house advantage by 1.39% compared to 3:2 payouts. Therefore, your first step should be finding a table that offers 3:2 payouts on naturals.

Single-deck blackjack isn’t abundant in this town. Some games feature 6:5 natural payouts, which makes them unplayable even with the single deck involved.

Other rules also play a significant role in the house advantage. Here are notable ones to watch out for: