Caesars Members Get $20 No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses in Vegas –

Las Vegas’ Caesars casino properties surprised slot players by extending $20 no deposit free spins bonuses to members of the Caesars Rewards program for wearing their face masks while playing online slots.

Caesars Rewards Mask Wearing Customers with a $20 Free Spins Bonus

There always is a middle ground. For Caesars Entertainment, the middle ground is rewarding good behavior with a slot bonus in Las Vegas. And if positive reinforcement works only this long, the $20 bonus by Caesars on The Las Vegas Strip seems to have done the trick.

Some patrons at several casino properties received freebies as they were playing at slot machines, reminiscent of the online casinos experience where players may often pick free spins without making a deposit. The Flamingo, Caesars Palace, and Paris all tweeted pictures of Caesars’ staff members handing over $20 in no deposit free spins to unwitting customers.

While the promotion didn’t extend to everyone who entered the casino wearing a mask, Caesars still offered the incentives to quite a few people according to the ensuing Twitter comments. Based on tweets, the winners were picked randomly, although they all were Caesars Rewards members.

Some have riposted on social media, arguing that Caesars’ move wasn’t as commendable as it looked at first blush. According to observers, Caesars should have just mandated that all patrons wear masks at all times rather than giving additional incentives to those who wore them.

Caesars, though, doesn’t require slot players to wear masks.